The Grandview Market, San Jose, CA

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Enjoy the GrandView Restaurant and Farm in the comfort of your home with our Farm To Table Boxes, BBQ Box and Butcher Box and much more…
We Exclusively Serve The Bay Area, CA

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GrandView Wines

Our exclusive wines, from grapes grown on Mt Hamilton.

Freshly grown produce and responsibly raised meats.

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With our Butchers Box, BBQ Box, and Farm Fresh To You, we have something for everyone.

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All orders are delivery only for right now. We will have pick up locations in the future.

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All our boxes are great for several meals with the family. We look forward to hearing and seeing what you cook up!

Frequently Asked Questions and Customer Support

How far do you deliver?

We deliver within a 35 mile radius from San Jose. Delivery happens 48 hours after ordering.

When will I receive my delivery?

We do our best to get deliveries to your door with in 48hrs.

Can I pick up my product?

Currently we are not offering pick up, but we will do so in the future.

Are the meats fresh or frozen?

All meats are cryo-vaced and frozen.

Are the vegetables organic?

Our vegetables are all-natural, no pesticides and non-GMO seeds are only used here on our farm.

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