Here's what some of our customers are saying about us:

We ordered both the Farm Box and Butcher Box from the Grandview San
Jose site. What a treat! The farm box was filled with the freshest
vegetables I have ever seen. The Broccoli and Cauliflower tasted
unlike any I have ever had. Farm fresh indeed. We also made an
amazing garden salad with the fresh kale and chard.

That was just the start. I have to admit I am not a Rib Eye Fan, but
that is probably because I have never had a Grandview butcher box Rib
Eye. Prepared with a simple rub it was full of flavor. The New
York’s were excellent as well. Then a couple days later we used the
grass fed ground beef and made the most delicious Hamburgers ever!
The best part about both boxes is I never left home. I placed the
order on the site and they were delivered fresh the next day. Easy.

I highly recommend ordering these special cook at home packages from
Grandview. It’s not quite the same as being there, but it’s the next
best thing

Nate DeatonKRTY Radio

I recently placed an order for a farm box and a pasta box from Grand View farms and it was fabulous! The sauce is out of this world! So good - you could eat it by the spoonful! The veggies were great too! I made a beet salad with them! If your thinking of ordering, don’t think - just do it! I promise you won’t regret it!

Jacklyn McNiven

We are thrilled with our Grandview farm to home boxes! The veggies are so fresh and delicious and the whole family gobbled up the pasta and sauce…so yummy! Everything was delivered within hours of ordering making it so easy during these crazy times. Oh…and can’t beat wine delivery. Win, win, win. Thank you to everyone at Grandview for keeping our tummies full and our spirits high.

Katie Davis

We were so excited when we heard Grand View was offering boxes of fresh vegetables, as well as meal kits, variety of meats and wines! We have received several boxes already. We were even happier when we saw all the freshly picked, ripe and absolutely beautiful produce! It is so nice to get fresh garden produce delivered to us and at a super reasonable price! We have used other farm companies before and Grand View has them beat hands down! So many good veggies, all just picked from the garden or field. Healthy and organic, makes my meal planning so much better for my family!
Thank you Grand View!

Katie Bertoldo

We LOVE the pasta box
from Grandview Farms. It couldn’t have been easier, we ordered, they had a contactless delivery to our front porch , and the food was fresh incredible . The pasta itself was light and delicious, and Grandma’s marinara is the sauce dreams are made off . Add our favorite Grandview Pinot Noir and it was the highlight of our week! We plan on doing this again and again!

Gary Scott Thomas

The protein boxes and produce boxes are like treasures delivered to my doorstep ... the quality is on point, and the variety incredible. I love knowing it’s local and supporting the people of my own community!

Bronwyn Salgliembeni

We purchased the farm box, butchers box and the pasta sauce a la cart from Grandview farms last week and we can’t rave enough about it. First of all, the vegetables and herbs we received were so fresh, you could smell the basil and mint from five feet away. I also enjoyed the fact that you receive a combination of different vegetables, some that I never usually cook with, so it gave me the opportunity to try new recipes and change up the meals in my home. My absolute favourites were the carrots, beets, cauliflower and kale. The colours were so vibrant and they were even tastier than they looked.
The butchers box is great too. We haven’t gone through all the meat yet because there is so much, but the quality is top notch.
As for the pasta sauce, hands down so delish especially on top of meatballs that I made from the ground beef in the butchers box. We will definitely be ordering again!

Kitt Ward

Our produce box was amazing! We loved being able to do our own home cooking version of “farm to table” - all our vegetables were incredibly fresh, local, and organic!

If you’re considering the pasta box, just do it! It’s a joy to try different types of pasta, and the sauce is what you’d imagine an Italian grandmother would make. Once you taste it, you’ll be so glad that the sauce comes in a large tin!

Helen Lin

The produce and pasta box from Grandview Farms was so fresh and delicious!!! The pasta box ended up being 4 dinners for us... so light and tasty! A big hit for everyone in the family! Thanks to Grandview farms and The Carrubba Family for this amazing cuisine!!!

The Miranda Family